2021 Benefactor Star – Golden Opportunity

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Activation: Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star / Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star
Location: Northeast 52.5 – 67.5 bearing / South 175.5 – 187.5 bearing

The Mandarin word for “orange”, cheng, is pronounced the same as that in cheng gong, the Mandarin word for “success”. The orange is a symbol of plentiful rewards to be reaped in the year, sincerity and smooth progress, with its leaf representing vitality. The bull horns represent the energy to charge forward and overcome barriers, thus allowing you to build more connections and boosting career and fortune. The triangular motifs in this emblem denote charisma , strength and motivation. Finally, the image of the ancient coin at the base of the emblem symbolises wealth. Only you get to determine whether opportunities will work in your favour, and the goals you set will let you be more confident and perform well!

引动: 正贵人星 / 偏贵人星
方位: 北北 52.5 – 67.5 度 / 南 175.5 – 187.5



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